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Compact exercise aids that work for dorm room workouts

Putting in their last works before going in the 1 1/8-mile stakes were trainer Bill Mott’s Flat Out and Fort Larned, trained by Ian Wilkes. Flat Out, most recently the winner of the Suburban Handicap, worked four furlongs in 48.30 seconds with regular exercise rider Neil Poznansky in the saddle. “We had the option (to run Flat Out in the Whitney),” Mott said. “He had won the Suburban, and we thought if he was doing really, really well going into the Whitney, we’d run. We worked him and thought he maybe wasn’t on his game 100 percent.

When he promised that he’d use it often and wouldn’t fall prey to the dreaded “freshman 15,” I got a little emotional. He’s my only kid. And good co-testers don’t come along very often. Roy Wallack Kettle bell for cardio Exercise everywhere “Nano Workouts” by Joakim Christofferson: The small, square 6.15-inch,120-page book describes 48 exercises you can do at your desk, in a kitchen, in the shower, at the sink or on a commuter train. Likes: It changes your mind-set, getting you thinking about simple ways to squeeze exercise out of everyday activities.

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Now a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise funds, FitTrip connects with a handful of popular heart rate monitors to sync the app with your workouts. The harder you exercise, the faster your heart beats, and the quicker the video plays to simulate how fast or slow you’re cycling or running. The app features 30-minute “trips” to regions of France including Brittany, the Pyrenees, and the Alps, as well as gorgeous terrain in Utah and Colorado. But it comes at a price: after the Kickstarter campaign, users will pay $5.99/month to access the app’s library of videos. Early backers can buy longer-term subscriptions at lower rates: $25 for a six-month package. FitTrip has already far surpassed its goal of $7,500 in under a week, which means backers should receive the app this November. A competitor on the market is Virtual Runner , an iPad app that takes you on a tour through some of the world’s most famous jogging paths — such as New York’s Central Park or along the Great Barrier Reef — in high-definition video.

This app syncs gym workouts with virtual tours

After the Female Fat Loss Over 40 program was introduced, many female customers have applied it to lose weight and get sexy body successfully with explosive tips. Then, the site tested Female Fat Loss Over 40 and has revealed a complete overview of the program. The full Female Fat Loss Over 40 overview on the site shows that this fitness program is actually a revolutionary fat burning system for any middle-aged woman who wishes to lose fat and get in shape rapidly. The program encourages women to follow the lean body diet to lose weight and improve health instead of abusing costly pills or dangerous ingredients. First and foremost, the program teaches women how they can turn the metabolism into their fat-burning mode to get slim fast. Then, it gives women the way to transform their arms, butts, and belly from soft and jiggly to tight, toned, and sexy.

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Enroll now . DALLAS In dreams, cheeseburgers would have calorie counts in the single digits and minutes spent on workouts would be totaled likewise. The cheeseburger dream seems unlikely to come true, but the workout one just might. Research published in Health & Fitness Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine touts the effectiveness of a strength-training workout using only body weight and lasting merely seven albeit uncomfortable minutes. A study in Norway found that four minutes of high-intensity activity with the heart rate at 90 percent of maximum capacity shares similar benefits to four such efforts separated by three minutes of downtime. Thanks to their busy lives, people are continually interested in new research on shorter and shorter workouts especially when compared with the 150 weekly minutes of exercise recommended by the college. Dont let the numbers fool you, experts caution.

Short, intense workouts not for everyone

Best fitness apps June 18, 2013 Fitness apps function like tiny personal trainers or nutritionists, guiding users through workouts, managing workouts, counting calories burned or consumed, and tracking weight loss. With the wide variety now available, its easy to find the perfect app… Quick workouts for cube-dwellers March 11, 2013 If the majority of your day involves sitting in front of a desk in a cubicle, it can be difficult to get enough exercise. Incorporating some simple changes into your day will improve your overall health.1. Buy… Common exercise myths debunked February 21, 2013 Exercise myths are everywhere. Some are old-school and continue to persist, and some change frequently, based on the latest research. Here’s a quick debunking of the most common exercise myths. Targeted fat…


MusclePharm Scores 17 Supplement Awards Nominations

EDT August 5, 2013 The pre-workout supplement Craze, sold by Driven Sports, was named 2012 New Supplement of the Year by (Photo: Alison Young, USA TODAY) Story Highlights Leading sports supplement retailer wants more tests of powder Craze Craze is no longer listed as a nominee for website’s 2013 Supplement of the Year awards Actions come after USA TODAY investigation of the product’s maker SHARE 303 CONNECT 70 TWEET 4 COMMENTEMAILMORE A leading sports supplement retailer is the latest to suspend sales of the pre-workout powder Craze in the wake of a USA TODAY investigation of the product’s maker. general counsel Bill Carter said Monday max workouts ebook full the online retailer pulled Craze out of its supplement store late Friday while it seeks further testing of the product. The popular website also has removed Craze from its list of nominees for 2013 Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year. “The main message is there are too many questions, and my view on this is the responsible thing is to investigate it and hold off on sales until we get a definitive answer,” Carter said. Tests by the U.S.

Bodybuilding Professors Outmuscle the Stereotype

The two brothers also founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders and in 1965 Weider created the Mr Olympia competition, the sport’s premiere bodybuilding contest. Weider met Schwarzenegger at a bodybuilding contest in Europe and convinced him to move from his native Austria to the United States to seek wider recognition. “He saw a lot in Arnold,” Parker said. “He felt that the sport needed a star and right away he could see that Arnold was something special.” Schwarzenegger, then nicknamed the “Austrian Oak,” first gained fame by winning a string of Mr Olympia titles in the early 1970s before going on to a successful career in such films as “The Terminator” and “Total Recall.” He was elected governor of California in 2003 and served two terms before retiring from politics. “Joe didn’t just inspire my earliest dreams; he made them come true the day he invited me to move to America to pursue my bodybuilding career,” Schwarzenegger, who visited Weider in the hospital before his death, said in the statement.

The significance of getting recognised by SASCOC is massive for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness in South Africa, stated an elated Conlon this weekend after attending South Africas Olympic governing body SASCOCs AGM. Our dedicated athletes and officials will now receive provincial as well as national colours in bodybuilding, Conlon said. We will now be able to take a South African Bodybuilding Team to compete internationally where they will wear the Protea emblem and uniform. We will fly the South African flag high with pride and bring home medals for our country. Being officially affiliated with the IFBB will be a huge benefit for Bodybuilding South Africa. The IFBB boasts an impressive 182 affiliated National Federations, is recognised by over 90 international Olympic Committees and hosts over 2 500 competitions across the globe annually. Bodybuilding is also expected to become an Olympic sport in the near future. Conlon also sees this as a great opportunity by using the recognition to educate people and grow the sport of bodybuilding locally: We will now be eligible for funding which we will use for development, youth and club programmes as well as schooling initiatives and in helping previously disadvantaged clubs to grow.

Huge boost for SA bodybuilding

This full line covers all the major sports nutrition categories. For more information on IMAGE Sports, please visit the product page at About Based in Meridian, Idaho, is the worlds largest online sports nutrition store. The site carries more than 9,900 health and fitness supplements and accessories, shipping to customers in more than 155 countries. helps more than 26 million people every month achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals by offering over 28,000 pages of free information, including more than 20,000 articles and 8,000 videos, expert-designed online training programs, and new content added daily. For more information, please visit About IMAGE Sports IMAGE Sports is one of the fastest growing brands in the sports nutrition industry.

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93

For more information, visit Follow the company at and ABOUT BODYBUILDING.COM: Based in Meridian, Idaho, is the world’s largest online sports nutrition store. The site carries more than 9,900 health and fitness supplements and accessories, shipping to customers in more than 155 countries. helps more than 26 million people every month achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals by offering over 28,000 pages of FREE information, including more than 20,000 articles and 8,000 videos, expert-designed online training programs, and new content added daily. For more information, please visit Forward Looking Statements The information contained herein includes forward-looking statements.

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Still, it was not until the 1970s that women were allowed to compete in organized contests of strength. That was when Janice S. Todd, who once courted her future husband by heaving a heavy log end over end, literally wrote the rules for women’s powerlifting competitions. Until then, for example, anyone competing in a powerlifting event was required to wear a jockstrap. With the new rules in place, Ms.
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Spaeth reported to the FDA on 20 patients between ages 12 and 75 with what he deduced were symptoms of anabolic steroid consumption. The patients had been referred to him by a Long Island alternative medicine practitioner. The release from the North Shore-LIJ press office stated, The only thing these patients had in common were their vitamin B supplement. Patients continued to experience symptoms for up to three months after stopping the supplements. How do anabolic steroids end up in vitamins? The dietary supplement industry is rife with cases of prescription drugs being used to adulterate herbal and non-botanical products. For example, all-natural male sexual enhancing supplements were so commonly found to be contain erectile dysfunction drugs related to Viagra and Cialis that the FDA launched a consumer education, health fraud website just for that product class.

Daily Deal: Extra workouts help save you bucks at Ojai resort

Ensures better sleep: Working out in the evening will ensure that you sleep well. Workouts in the evening might seem invigorating initially and then will slowly lead to a sense of restfulness. The physical exercise will expend your energy and will prepare your body for a night of complete rest. You don’t have to deal with the morning rush: The best part about working out in the evenings is that you have more time for yourself in the mornings before you go out for work. Since it is difficult for working people to incorporate workout hours in the morning, evenings are the ideal time. More of recreation: Evening workouts usually don’t seem very tiring because it’s more of recreation.

Summer Workouts for Women

The deal: The Oaks at Ojai has been around as a wellness resort for more than three decades. The Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Week adds guest instructors Carol Argo and Linda Bennett to lead classes for beginners and advanced students. The idea is to calm and strengthen mind and body. Prices start at $199 per person per night, based on double occupancy, and a two-night minimum applies. When: The special runs Aug. 16-22.

Two years ago, the NCAA passed a rule that allowed players to participate in limited individual summer workouts with coaches — no more than eight hours a week, for no more than eight (non-consecutive) weeks — provided they were enrolled in summer school at the time. This put the entire summer in play, but it made August more important than ever — a natural head start for freshmen, a ramp-up for upperclassmen. All of which may or may not be helpful clarification for this rather fun video DePaul posted on YouTube Wednesday: Watching that and not knowing any better, you could assume that DePaul basketball was merely goofing off on another slow August day. Instead, the volleyball was a reprieve, and a surprise one at that; the Blue Demons went to the beach assuming they were in for another sand-stuck conditioning regimen. Sand hurts, and trainer Mac Calloway frequently utilizes that fact to his advantage.

DePaul works volleyball into workouts

August 9, 2013 0 Leave your gym pass at home, we have eight workouts that must be done while it’s still hot! Although Spin class and the treadmill do the trick, so will dusting off your mountain bike and going for a hike. No matter your location or fitness level, these outdoor workouts guarantee a good burn and a fun break from your weekly routine. Grab a workout buddy and soak up the sun, Fall will be here before you know it. Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 Leave your gym pass at home, we have eight workouts that must be done while it’s still hot!

Indoor Equipment-Free Cardio Workouts

Doing both in a Tabata-style workout that is, 20 seconds of high-intensity intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest, continuously for four minutes offers a time-saving workout that tones and burns fat all at once. This eight-minute Tabata mashup workout video of squats and push-ups will work arms and legs in any small space. Tabata workout poster: Keep this on your fridge and you’ll never have an excuse to skip a workout. The workout includes six Tabata here. intervals of exercises that focus on every type of exercise for a total-body workout. From jumping jacks to planks to bicycle crunches, get the entire Tabata printable indoor workout here .